Colectando Sol is an initiative focused on solar energy with triple impact. In a constitutive philosophy we see ourselves in harmony with the new paradigm of social companies in which the main objective is to contribute to solution of environmental and social matters.

With the sustainability as a compass, we aimed to boost the use of solar energy through trainings, consulting services, social activations and projects for the implementation of solar technologies.


  • Leandro Magri
    Leandro Magri CEO

    Chemical engineer, specialized in renewable energy.

  • Manuel Perez Larraburu
    Manuel Perez Larraburu Project Coordinator

    Industrial Engineer, specialized in solar and wind energy.

  • Ignacio Alvarez
    Ignacio Alvarez Training Coordinator

    Solar Thermal Installer

  • Diego Ocampo
    Diego Ocampo Trainer - Installer

    Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Technician

  • Héctor Natera
    Héctor Natera Trainer - Project Engineer

    Renewable Energy Specialized Mechanical Engineer

  • Leandro Pilar
    Leandro Pilar Trainer - Solar thermal and biomass specialist

    Chemical Engineer, specialized in renewable energies.

  • Norberto Baldivia
    Norberto Baldivia Trainer / Installer

    Solar Thermal and Photovotaic installer.

  • Bruno Clozza
    Bruno Clozza Trainer

    Chemical engineer advance student

  • Ezequiel Rolla
    Ezequiel Rolla Product Design

    Industrial Designer.

  • Amelie Pinard
    Amelie Pinard Trainer - Engineering Student

We are a Certified B Corporation.

It is simply defined as a global movement from which promoting the success of a business activity is not only dedicated to economy and finance, but also to the well-being that is generated by people, economy and nature.

This movement represents a real change of paradigm, in which the target is to be the best company in the world, and in which we commit to fulfill with high standards of social and environmental performance,

by taking decisions considering the long-term impact in the community and the planet.

We are proud to be part of this global movement to which more than one thousand companies already belong in the whole world, and where in our country, Colectando Sol is the first dedicated entirely to the development of renewable energies!